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A Word of Encouragement for Parents

I meet with parents all the time who have come to the end of the rope with their children. They are barely holding on. They’ve read all the books. They’ve listened to all the teachings. They’ve tried EVERYTHING but still can’t seem to find their joy in parenting. Their kids are kicking, screaming, hitting, banging, yelling, biting… You name it It’s that kind of defiant behavior that is so ridiculous it makes you want to laugh. And believe me, sometimes you just need to.

Parents: give yourself some grace - tips from a licensed professional counselor
Parenting Tips

Every parent goes through this at some point and the good news is that… IT WON’T LAST FOREVER! For these parents, parenting has become a job, a tough job, rather than a joy.

It’s to these parents I say ” Keep going, you can do it.” As a parent, you have exactly what your child needs.

Your child was given to you for a distinct purpose - not anyone can parent them- only you can. You have what it takes to love them, discipline them & teach them in a way that is specific & unique for them. God gave you what you need to parent your children successfully. All you need to do is turn to Him- let Him fill you with His love. So parents, you got this! Don’t lose hope. It won’t always be like this. I promise


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